Privacy Policy:

All lectures provided by Commerce Lectures are encrypted. They can be played only on the player provided by the Commerce Lectures Team. Any illegal screen capturing is prohibited and a punishable offence under copyright laws.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The Lectures can be played only on one device (laptop/Desktop/Android phone) and migration is not allowed.

2. If you want to play classes in Apple phone or on any ios device, then contact @ 8860636666 before purchase.

3. The order placed will be completed within the prescribed time in the description of each course.

Cancellation Policy:

1. In case of Download link + Ebook order may be cancelled within 24 hours of Link given. After that cancellation will not be entertained.

2.In case of Pendrive or hard copy cancellation will not be entertained after dispatch of courier.

3. For cancellation contact @ 8860636666 as soon as possible.

Refund Policy:

For any cancelled order refund will be made within 3 days of cancellation through the mode which is used by the customer at the time of payment.

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